It’s not easy being green


Hold onto your seats because I’m about to admit something shocking as a landscape photographer: I’m not the biggest fan of the color green. Or at least, I wasn’t until recently.

For so long, I would be out on hikes, or taking pictures in the garden and I would be uninspired and almost afraid of trying to compose a photo of greenery. I would look at the scene and say to myself “Why even try? I can’t make anything of this!”

Uninspired foliage…what am I supposed to do with this???

Perhaps this reaction was because of the difficulty in capturing the true depth of a scene in a photograph. Sure, the trees were beautiful, but how can I make any sense of this in a print?

The uninspired green scene. I may have taken this because I felt I had to.

Well, I must have had a subconscious epiphany or something earlier this year, because I’m here to tell you that I’ve suddenly come to appreciate the color green. From foliage to grass to moss and everything in between. Maybe I’ve had a “make it work” reaction instead of a “flight or fight” response. I now feel inspired as I contemplate how the greenery catches the sun’s natural light. I feel refreshed. I feel challenged, but in a good way. 

To mother nature, I say, “Bring it on!”